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How Madden NFL 22 Player Classes Work

Madden NFL 22 includes four types of player classes that are based on the play styles of famous NFL legends such as Chase Young and Jamal Adams.

Player classes are among the most important features of Madden NFL 22. This year’s game handles class progression differently. The progress is shared between the two modes Face of the Franchise and The Yard. The player development in one mode will reflect in the other. This is a huge improvement as it allows players to have faster growth. Both modes have exclusive classes. There are two types of Madden NFL 22 player classes, offensive and defensive, totaling four unique choices.

Which Are the Four Madden NFL 22 Player Classes

We have Mojo, Freak, Goliath, and Hitman. Each class was modeled after famous NFL players who carry that role. Jalen Ramsey served as inspiration for the mojo class. This class is good for the cornerback and wide receiver roles. The developers looked at Von Miller and Chase Young’s play styles when designing the freak class. This is a very good class for halfbacks and outside linebackers. NFL players Trent Williams and Travis Kelce inspired the goliath class. This is one of the most versatile Madden NFL 22 player classes. It’s a combination between offensive lineman, tight end, and middle linebacker. You will find the strengths of these three roles combined into one. The hitman player class is based on Jamal Adams and Harrison Smith. Players that want a quarterback should go with this class.

How Class Progression Works in Madden NFL 22

We’ve said that progression in this year’s EA Madden NFL game is shared between The Yard and Face of the Franchise. This means that some classes will be available in both modes. Let’s see how this impacts the players and what are the benefits of having shared Madden NFL 22 player classes. You can level your class in any of these two modes. It’s a great feature as it allows players to concentrate on the mode they like the best. Superstar X-Factor abilities are part of the shared features as well. When you unlock an ability in one mode it automatically becomes available in the other. More abilities are unlocked when players attain new levels. When players have leveled up a certain number of classes they create Superstar X-Factor abilities. This opens up the possibility for custom builds. When players reach the level cap, they can share Superstar X-Factor abilities. Skill points are unique to each class. Players will use the points to unlock skills that give boosts to specific class attributes.

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